Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Breathing again!

Eleven days ago, May 15th, we came home from Florida and basically hit the ground running! We have been so incredibly busy. Time to catch up!

When we came home we knew that there had to be at least one bed bug in our bedroom as I had bites appear while on vacation (bites can take 2-9 days to appear!). After searching the house Andy did find a dead one under my nightstand - they can hid anywhere - not just beds. We are taking it one day at a time and are praying for a complete erradication. I think being gone for two weeks and spraying the house (more like hosing!) down with pesticide helped our cause. Only time will tell.

May 16th we attended the wedding of Christine and Jack - two incredibly faithful servants of God for our church. It was a beautiful wedding and a joy to witness.
May 17th we went to church and then headed over to the Philadelphia Zoo for their members only opening of the new bird aviary. We asked PopPop John and Grammy to come as a kind of birthday celebration for Lois. She LOVES birds and is an avid watcher. She loved the aviary. So many neat and different kinds of birds! It is incredible to me the imagination of God! We had a great time walking around the zoo - even though it was incredibly cold compaired to our time in Florida!
This past week I have been going crazy trying to put Matt and Sarah's homeschool portfolios together. My plan had been to do it throughout the year as we accomplished things, but between teaching, searching for bed bugs and trying to get through life that didn't happen! So I spent a good number of hours - including an all-nighter last night - getting it all together. Thankfully, our evaluator passed us with flying colors and was impressed with all that we did get accomplished despite our trials. It is a testimony to God that I even made it this far with all that we have dealt with in the last 10 months. He is faithful even in our weaknesses and I am so grateful!

We were so happy to be done! I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders as I walked out of the evaluators house! I took Matt and Sarah to Chick-fil-a where they happened to be having a Family Fun Night and Sarah was able to get her face painted! Isn't she beautiful! The woman was incredibly talented - it only took her like two minutes to do Sarah's face freehand!

After we finished eating we started heading home. When I go home along rt. 309 Berean Bookstore often calls my name! And since I still had birthday money left I decided to stop in. I was very bad - look what I got!
Now it isn't as bad as it looks as several of the books were only $2 and I didn't pay full price for any of them! So I am set for my summer reading! It begins tomorrow night! I look forward to this time of year as I get to read what I want to read as opposed to what I have to read for homeschooling.

Now that homeschooling is officially done for the year - well, I have to turn them in but they can't fail me if the evaluator has passed me so I am not worried - I have a thousand things I want to get done! But for now I am off to bed. 4 hours of sleep in the last 40 is starting to catch up with me!

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