Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sweet Day

Swimming at the French Quarter
As much as I love my family, my dear husband knows that I NEED quiet time. He discovered that way back during our honeymoon. Sweet guy that he is he allowed me to stay back with Daniel while he took Matt and Sarah to Hollywood Studios for a few hours. It was great! I read a little, roamed the Internet and watched part of a movie. It was quiet for almost 3 hours while Daniel napped. I was then ready for more family time!Slide at the French Quarter
After I woke Daniel up - apparently 3 hours wasn't enough! - my mom, Daniel and I headed off to meet the others at Hollywood Studios. I rode the Aerosmith Rockin' Rollercoaster with Matt and Sarah one more time and then ate at Hollywood and Vine - a buffet. It was okay. We then received a ticket to get reserved seating at the Fantasmic show. We still had to arrive an hour before the show started, but we had good seats and talked to a bunch of different people - mostly from PA!!! Isn't it funny - you go a distance away only to meet people who live in your back yard? I think it's funny!

Fantasmic was pretty good - but different than what I remembered. It was shorter and did not include as many characters as I remembered. Daniel loved it - but wasn't at all crazy about the bad guys depicted in the story. He loved the dragon! That is a pretty cool thing to see!

After Fantasmic we headed over to the one ride we have been trying to get on for days - Toy Story Mania. I had no idea what to expect - all the description said was "a 4D game in which everyone wins". It was so cool! You play several games from a car and shoot at targets to gather points. All the while the characters are talking with you and encouraging you to shoot at different targets to earn more points. Matt won with a total of 101,500. Andy came in 2nd with 91,700, I came in 3rd with 82,500, Sarah was 4th with 59,200, and Daniel earned 27,200! Pretty good for a 3 year old! It was a great ride and I can see why the wait is no shorter than 50 minutes! We are definitely heading back to challenge Matt! Wii needs to come out with a version similar to it!

Tonight is our last night at the Port Orleans - Riverside Resort. We head to the timeshare my cousin gave us. I hope Internet is free or at least as cheap as this resorts. If it not as cheap, then I may have to find another place to blog. So be on the look out! Thanks for your continued prayers! They have been a blessing and God is hearing them - we are having a wonderful time together as a family and the weather is gorgeous! Praise God!

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