Thursday, May 7, 2009

Never Ending Fun!

Downtown Disney - Lego Store

I am still crazy about Florida and am extremely thankful to be here. This vacation has been the best one of my life and I think Andy and the kids would agree. Yesterday, Andy, the kids, and I all ventured out to Blizzard Beach. It was FANTASTIC! I generally love water parks, but this one was super fun! Matt, Andy and I all conquered Summit Plummet and Slush Gusher - two extreme water slides. Summit Plummet is 13 stories high on a 60 degree angle and can get up to speeds of 60 mph. It was a 30 minute wait for a 4 second slide! But is was worth it! We laughed so much at each other. Slush Gusher goes just as fast, but there are three hills that you go down and at times feel as if you are airborne. We loved them both! Daniel was a nut as predicted, but LOVED going on the slides he was able to go on. I spent most of the morning catching him and helping back up the sides of the pool so he could go down the slide again. Like I said - his new favorite word is AGAIN! Sarah enjoyed the lazy river as well as the wave pool. She likes to take it easy at these things - which is just fine with me! We were pretty water logged by the end of the day - but had a blast! We enjoyed it so much we found out we were able to add on extra "fun" days to our pass for only $9. So we are looking forward to going to Typhoon Lagoon next week! Since it costs $33 for a child's ticket we thought this was a good deal even if we only use it to go to Typhoon Lagoon - though we get two other days to either Disney Quest or back to Blizzard Beach. We'll have to see what time allows.

Today we started our day off at Downtown Disney and went to Disney Quest. Matt and Sarah have been looking forward to this trip for forever. Disney Quest is a huge indoor arcade. It has a ton of different virtual video games and activities for kids of all ages. My favorite was the Pirates of the Caribbean Virtual game. You had to wear 3D glasses
and then either be the captain and steer the ship or be the crew and shoot the cannons at the ships to get their gold. It requires a lot of team work and is the neatest video game. It was a lot of fun! This place also had Mario Kart - we liked the Wii version better - Nascar Racing, Guitar Hero, Air Hockey, Aladdin's Magic Carpet (a virtual reality game - funny helmet!) and so much more! We were there for only a couple of hours and barely put a dent into all they have to offer. We are planning on going back one day next week.
After Disney Quest we headed over to Epcot where we started exploring the World Showcases. We only made it through Mexico, Norway,

Norweigan Troll - 1st time Sarah would even go near the thing!

and China before we had to head over the United Kingdom for dinner. After each country I asked Matt and Sarah three questions each about what they had just seen/ heard. It was a pass/ fail quiz as I counted this as a day of school. Thankfully, they each passed as they listened to what was being spoken. We ate dinner at the Rose and Crown Pub - excellent food!

Daniel play hopscotch while waiting for dinner - shocked us all by already knowing how to play!

Daniel's picture of fireworks over the Magic Kingdom Castle! Pretty smart!

We ate there tonight as you have the opportunity to stand outside their property to get a great view of the fireworks display. Daniel has been in his glory as each night we have seen fireworks - he LOVES fireworks! Epcot's display is by far the best one in all of Disney. He loved them.

God is truly blessing us with wonderful weather and incredible opportunities to enjoy our kids. I am loving this vacation. I am still planning on NOT returning to Philly. Each day that goes by it gets more difficult to think about going back to the stress and craziness back there. Each day it gets easier to convince Andy to leave it all behind and find a life that is less stressful. He is sleeping so much more here and we are actually smiling a lot more at our kids and saying yes instead of no all the time. We have met several people who work for Disney that have actually grown up where we are currently living - they say, too, that they never want to go back and love life in Florida. God is going to have to do a mighty work in my heart to get me back there. We'll see......

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Carisa said...

Oh I am SOOOOOOOO HAPPY for you!!!! You guys needed this SO much!!!

I won't beg you to come home, although I miss you terribly. At least if you move to FL, I have a free place to stay!!!

Ministry is all over the world, and FL is not excluded, God's WILL BE DONE...that's what I am praying. It's not about you or me, it's about HIM.

Love you so very much.