Friday, May 15, 2009

At the airport

This morning we went to Magic Kingdom for the last time. Each kid picked their favorite ride and we attempted to go on it. It was incredibly crowded today - so unlike last week. Sarah chose to go on Big Thunder Mountain. We stood in line and got up to the gate to get on the ride when they announced that there was a problem and had to shut the ride down - the Schultz curse continues! We had to leave the ride. The good thing was that they gave us a Fastpass to return on the ride - if it was fixed for that day. We went back right before we had to leave and it was fixed, so we were able to go on the ride Sarah had chosen - she has started to like rollercoasters - but only in the daylight!

Matt chose to go on the Jungle River Cruise - it is a funny ride if you get the right driver. We went on earlier last week and loved the tour guide - he was really funny. The one today was okay, but not nearly as funny as the last guy. Daniel chose to go on........Pirates of the Caribbean. He is so funny - it was the 5th time we had been on it - and by far the longest wait for that ride- 30 minutes! He really like that ride - though I have no idea why.

While we were exiting the park we discovered some characters that were posing for pictures and Pinocchio was one of them! For some reason this is Daniel's FAVORITE Disney character - he talks about him all the time and loves the movie. He was so excited to meet him and give him a hug. It was a great ending to our trip!

Here we sit at the airport, while depression slowly starts to set in. I really have NO DESIRE to go back to Philly. I am almost sick to my stomach with just the thought. Why do we have to go back? I am close to tears as I sit here thinking about arriving back to that dreadful house. If only there was someplace else I could live - but it is not to be. I fear we are stuck in this house for the rest of our days in Philly. And I am assuming that will include the awful guests we have living with us as it has been almost eight months of dealing with them and there is absolutely nothing else we can do except continue to treat - which seems to be having absolutely no effect. I continue to pray that God will reveal to me what the plan is for this trial so that I may get through with it.

I will post pictures to this entry when I get home....

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