Monday, May 11, 2009


What is MANTA? The most incredible new rollercoaster EVER!!! Sea World built a new coaster and it isn't suppose to premeir until May 22, but they are testing it over the next ten days and Matt and I were able to ride it - TWICE!!! Again, there was absolutely NO ONE in the park today and so the wait time was only 10 minutes at the most - and most of that was the walk to the front of the line. It is an exciting ride. It tilts you forward and you spin around and do loop-di-loops and feel like you are going to crash into the water or the people below. It is a great ride! I am so glad Matt likes rollercoasters or I would feel really guilty about going on all of them by myself! I just can't help but go on them - they call to me! We also rode Krakan and Journey to Atlantis. I liked Krakan - but Manta is WAY better!

Daniel loved Sea World. He loved seeing the Shamu show.... and petting the sting rays. He loved the Sea Lion and Walrus show - but really enjoyed Shamu's Happy Harbor - a play area for kids his size. He loved getting soaked in the fountains again as it was still 93 degrees today. I planned better today and packed a swimmy diaper for him to run around in! Unfortunately, pictures are few as I was bad and didn't charge the battery - boo! I missed a lot of good shots, but I guess we'll just have to go back later this week and take more.The kids all liked Shamu and were all fighting over who was going to get the stuffed animal - but I learned from my friends, the Hinsons, to NOT talk any one kid into a different animal - so they ALL got a stuffed Shamu. And they are all very happy with their Killer Whales! I tagged their initials on their tags so they don't get them confused. They all actually do play with their stuffed animals, so it will be fun to hear the stories they come up with when we get home.

Tomorrow is Discovery Cove - Matt and Sarah's birthday gift from my mom. The four of us, Daniel is too young, will be swimming with the dolphins. I really can't wait! My sister lent us her underwater camera to take pictures - hopefully it will work and I will have some great pictures to post. Thanks for all your prayers. We are still having a wonderful time and loving life in Florida!

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