Saturday, May 9, 2009

My 40th Birthday!

Today, May 8th, was my 40th birthday - and what a birthday it was! I just had so much fun! The kids were all sweet and all day kept wishing me a happy birthday. Sarah bought me a really cute pair of Mickey Mouse earrings and Matt bought me the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest musical score CD. I love the music! Now I have all three Cd's. My kids know me too well!

Instead of going out to eat we went to Epcot tonight and used up the rest of our snacks and quick service meals (part of the Disney Dining plan - an excellent idea!). For our quick service meals we purchased fish and chips from England - I love their fish and chips! Totally bad for you! We then had 18 snacks left over from the week - and they expired at midnight! We headed over to France and had a four of us got a chocolate eclair - only they were filled with chocolate cream, They were still good. But Daniel got the most incredible chocolate chip cookie! The chips were the size of Hershey kisses! Andy got a raspberry schuss - it had lemon in it, so I didn't much care for it.

We then headed to America to try and get a funnel cake, but they weren't part of the plan - but the guy making them saw it was my birthday and gave me one for free! Cool! We then went to Germany and got one HUGE soft pretzel to share and a few sodas. Andy got an apple strudel with vanilla cream sauce - the sauce was wonderful! Since by this time we were completely full of JUNK - we got 3 Mickey Ears ice cream pops and 3 Mickey Ears ice cream sandwiches and a soda and brought them home to enjoy another day. The meal plan really is an excellent idea - it saved us so much money as meals can get pretty pricey here in the land of magic!

We are now at our new location - the Sheraton Vistana Resort. It is only about 10 minutes from the parks. I like this place better because it is a two bedroom suit and we are all in the same place. Last week Sarah and my mom shared a room while the boys and I shared the other room. The other good things about this resort is that 1) there is an exercise room - so I can exercise this week and 2) there is free Internet! So I can, hopefully, blog every day!

Right now it is off to bed. I am exhausted - must be that old age thing! Thanks for all the prayers - we are having a great time and loving every minute of this vacation. I'll put up pictures tomorrow!

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Carisa said...

HAppy Birthday!!! Sorry I am a day late, Ky's celebrations began yesterday too!!!

I am SO glad you had a wonderful 40th birthday, you deserve it! I am also glad you like where you are now...have a great day!!!!

Love, C