Tuesday, June 30, 2009


YEAH! It started today! It went so smoothly - mostly in part due to Carisa's great planning and Trish's organization skills! We had 35 out today! And it was only the first day! I am excited to see what happens this month. Please pray for the next five weeks as we work with the kids and get them excited about reading and learning more about Christ and His love for them.
Andy is busy as usual with various activities, but today he was busy with a 10 mile bike hike for the Extreme Team. The Extreme Team is part of the God Squad summer program where Andy challenges the teens to go to the extreme both physically and spiritually. Spiritually the teens are encouraged to complete various Bible studies Andy has developed and to also meet with a mentor throughout the summer to help them in their walk. Physically they do all kinds of crazy activities - like the 10 mile bike hike. This Sunday they are walking to NJ via the Ben Franklin Bridge. Pray for the teens and Andy's safety as they complete the various activities. Pray for Andy as well as his schedule is filled to the brim.

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