Friday, July 3, 2009

Look What I Won!!!

All over the blogosphere (I think I spelled that right!) there are so many incredible sites that help moms with their tots. I really wish a lot of them had been around when Matt and Sarah were small - the things I could have done with them - I am incredibly uncreative and can always use all the help I can get in teaching my kids. One of the neatest sites is the Totally Tots blog that my friend Carisa puts together - she is one of the most talented and creative people I know! On her site I often follow links to other informative and creative sites. Some of those sites have give-a-ways to promote traffic. I recently entered one on the Delightful Learning blog. And I won!!!! I couldn't believe it! The very first one I entered and I won! I won two DVD's for Daniel, "A is for Adam" and "D is for Dinosaur". I am anxious to get them and view them - especially the dinosaur one. I can't thank both Delightful Learning and Totally Tots for the opportunity to win! Go on over and visit their sites if you get the chance!

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