Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who will marry me?

I am sitting in my bedroom waiting for my most adorable four year old to fall asleep. We have a door that connects our rooms so he knows I am in here. Every now and then he comes up with a zinger of a question. Tonight's question was "Who will marry me?" Why is he thinking of marriage at four? I have no idea. I never know what is going on inside this kid's head! He is very unique! I decided to let him continue and see where it would lead.

Daniel: Who will marry me when I get older?
Me: You're only four - you have a lot of time to worry about that?
Daniel: Will Eliza marry me? (One of our coworkers daughters - she's 12!)
Me: I don't think so?
Daniel: Do you think Lili will marry me? (Another coworkers daughter - she's 3 months!)
Andy jumps in: Would you like us to arrange something?
Daniel: Yes! I would like to marry Lili. But don't make me while I'm still little - when I'm big!
Andy: I will have to talk to her parents.
Daniel: Okay - I like Mister Carisa! (Have no idea why he calls her that when he calls all other women he knows Miss!)
Me: I am laughing on the floor! Why is he so concerned about this?
Daniel: Is Lili promised?
Me: What do you mean?
Daniel: Is she promised to me?
Me: We'll pray about it!

He is so funny! Why he is thinking about marriage at the age of four I'll never know. But he is. We didn't even go to a wedding or talk about marriage today! It reminds me of how important it is to pray for their future spouses. If I could arrange a marriage between Lili and Daniel I would do it in a heartbeat. She is a sweet girl already and I love her family. But since that isn't really done here in the states, I will pray daily for my kids future spouses!


Mama Teaching 2 said...

Ha ha...My oldest who is 10 has always been so concerned with his future marriage. He has loved the same little girl since he was 3 years old and he prays for her all the time. :) They are very close friends to this day. :)

My 6 year old has no desire to think on it. LOL!

My husband says that he thought on it alot. He would tell people he wanted to be a husband and daddy when he was little. My 10 year old reminds me of him. :) My hubby is a great man. :)

Carisa said...

Oh MY GOODNESS. I am SO glad I jumped over to check in on blogs before I went to bed!!!!! You tell Daniel that Mister Carisa would be happy to have him as a son in law. Especially now that he poops in the potty. That certainly would have been a deal breaker.

Miss you all and love you tons!!!!!

Trish said...

Haha, you can tell Daniel I'm asking the same question! :) (and I too am a fan of the Lili/Daniel idea, although I am a little worried about all the staff inbreeding, lol).

Cyndie said...

This is so sweet! I linked to your blog from Carisa's. I am Cyndie, the girl who helped you recently during youth group in Philly. Now that I've met you it has been wonderful to see your blog and get to know your family better! Adorable story! Seems like it'd be a great one to tell at the rehearsal dinner! :)