Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Daniel!

I can't believe he's four! And he is officially potty trained! That in itself is a miracle! I really didn't think it would happen by the time he turned four - but something clicked with him this week and he is now completely out of diapers during the day! I still put one on at night, but he is starting to stay dryer. I imagine the nighttime training will come along soon.

Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a. If you dress up like a cow, you get a free combo meal! All five of us went for dinner and only paid 28 cents (Matt wanted cheese on his sandwich)! It was a lot of fun! Afterwards we went to IKEA, right next door, so that Daniel could play in their Play area since he is officially potty trained - but they were closed! He was so disappointed! It is something he has wanted to do for so long! We will definitely have to go back so he can enjoy it as a reward for accomplishing his potty training!

As a treat for Daniel's b-day we went to Rita's. Daniel loves water ice! He asks if we can go almost everyday! When we came home we sang happy birthday while he blew out the matches on the cupcakes! We call them ghetto candles - I ran out and forgot to pick some up - he didn't seem to mind! He is such a great little guy! God has really blessed us with his presence and he really lights up our lives with his laughter and humor! Thank you, God, for Daniel! Happy birthday, sweet boy!

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