Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Who would think that this cute face could be so incredibly stubborn! We have been trying to potty train Daniel for several months now - and he has been extremely stubborn about the entire situation! He will be four in just 6 days and I believe it is high time he used the toilet for his business. Matt and Sarah were not nearly this difficult. I believe that Daniel understands perfectly what we are telling him - he is just refusing to do it.

Until yesterday. Yesterday was a breakthrough! We went to my mom's house so that Matt could mow their lawn. I told Daniel to use the bathroom (he is in underwear during the day), but he refused and not long after had an "accident". I have to say I was a bit upset. I treated his act as an act of defiance. As a result he was not allowed to participate with the family for a few special things. He was not pleased! But it finally seemed to make an impact because I saw a clue that he had to go "#2" and I stuck him on the potty - kicking and screaming! You could really hear him half way down the block! But not five minutes later he managed to go and was quite pleased with himself. Again, today I noticed one of his clues and again put him on the potty kicking and screaming and even faster than yesterday he managed to go again! Again, he was pleased with himself. So we may be on an upturn! Please pray that he would continue to go on the potty and behave like the 4 year old he will be soon! Pray for us as we continue to work with him in this area of his life!

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Spesamor Academy said...

I hate potty training!

With our oldest, she had reached that point, where she knew what to do, and was just choosing not to do it, and we finally had to institute a negative consequence for accidents. She trained very quickly after that.

I am very happy that I have only more to train!