Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camp Sankanac

Camp Sankanac is a place that is near and dear to my heart. It was the place that was an incredible retreat for one week to me each summer from the time I was 7! It is the place where I met my Lord and Savior and met great friends that carried me through the year to the next summer. When I was old enough I worked there as a counselor. I even went as a counselor for one week the summer after I got married! I love it there! I would move there in a heart beat. We have even thought about trying to get positions there - Andy would be a great maintenance man - I would love office work!

Today I had the incredible privilege of taking MY daughter to Camp Sankanac! I can't believe it! Another generation enjoying camp. What an incredible testimony it is to the camp that generation after generation gets to enjoy this God loving camp! It is my prayer that she has as great a time as I did!

She is in the Cayuga cabin - one I wasn't in as a camper, but was a counselor for that cabin. It is a light week at camp, so there are only five girls in the cabin. She has two counselor - Little Blue and Gelati (they have nicknames - their real names are Stephanie and Dani). The theme this week is Medieval Games. She will be a princess this week! After she passed her swimming test - with flying colors! - they have carnival games in which she could earn beads to create an initial bracelet. It was a great idea to keep the kids busy and help get them involved in an activity. By the time we left she was excited and ready to be part of the cabin of girls. Please pray that she would have a great week. Please pray that she would learn a lot about God's love for her and that she is indeed a Princess of the King of Kings. Please pray that she would make friends and that she would relax and be herself. Please pray she would not get homesick! I am so excited that she is sharing a part of my life that I loved so much - it is my prayer that she would love it just as much!

Matt will be doing Basketball camp at Philadelphia Biblical University this week. He hates going away from home overnight, but he thinks he can endure a 6 hour day camp. I think it will be a good activity for him - he loves basketball and needs to put his energy somewhere!

Please pray for Daniel! He will be quite lonely in the coming days! He relies heavily on his brother and sister as playmates! I am thinking I will be starting some preschool activities with him. It will keep us both busy and hopefully get him into a bit of a routine before I start homeschooling the other two in two week!

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Lynda Smith said...

Hello! When did you have the privilege of attending Camp Sankanac? I went for about 7 years starting in '69? Those years were some of the best of my life! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate my parents' scrimping and saving to send 4 girls there for 2 weeks every year.