Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One year....

That's how long it has been since we discovered we were dealing with bedbugs. In so many ways this past year has seemed an eternity and yet it has gone by quite quickly. I was just reading some of the posts from last November and how I was dealing with things. I am so glad that time is over. It has been five months since we have seen any evidence of the nasty little creatures. But the experience has certainly changed us. We still look at every fuzzy or piece of lint on the floor as if it were a bedbug. We still check the kids beds and ours. We still haven't moved everything back into the house that was moved out. We are still praying everyday that the bedbugs are truly gone. I don't know if we will ever relax about them - maybe that is a good thing since they are on the rise and can infest anyone from anywhere.

We are still recovering both financially and house wise from the effects of these wicked little creatures. Andy has been working hard to get the house finished, but with working alone it is a slow and long process. He finished the hardwood floors this past week and they look gorgeous! I am finding however, that it makes the kids seem louder as things echo terribly. I am hoping an area rug and furniture placement will help soften the sound!

One year later things look a bit different - thank God! Our house is much emptier - for which I am very thankful. We are expecting another little miracle - another thing for which I am extremely thankful! I view this little person as a promise from God that we are truly done with the bedbugs as I specifically prayed for this little person before he was conceived and asked God NOT to give him to us until we were done with the bedbugs. I find it amazing that we got pregnant in May and haven't had any evidence of them since that month. Our God is a loving and caring God and answers prayers in a mighty way. So join with me today - even though it is not Thanksgiving Day yet - to give thanks to our great God for His mighty work in our lives. Strengthening us this past year, teaching us, blessing us, and carrying us throughout the toughest times. I am so thankful I serve such an amazing God.

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

A new baby!!!!! How wonderful!