Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Worst fear confirmed

Today I discovered what I have been suspicious of for the past few days to be true. About two weeks ago our neighbors, the Hispanic family that lives on the left side of our house, had put a bunch of furniture and mattresses out for the trash. At that time I questioned Andy as to whether or not he thought they were dealing with bedbugs. He thought not because there were also toys and some other things mixed in. He felt they were just cleaning house - the mattresses were pretty old and worn looking. I wanted to believe him. I wanted to trust that our neighbors would talk to us - as we had to them - about their problem and warn us. The past few days the neighbors house has been dark. I have heard no voices through the walls. I have heard no music or anyone banging on their door. Today another neighbor who is close to them was hanging out on her steps, so I asked the question that has been plaguing my mind - did the neighbors leave their house? She said yes, for the last two weeks. My next question - "Did they leave because they have bedbugs?" She looked at me sadly - as she has known of our situation and all we have gone through - and said "Yes." She was just as upset as I that they kept their situation a secret from us. She doesn't understand - nor do I - since we were so forthcoming with our situation and constantly trying to help them be aware - showing them what bedbugs look like, how to search for them, what things they can do to get rid of them, etc. I do not know how bad their infestation is. I am praying all we have done to our house will prevent them from returning. Just when we were starting to put things back together we get this news. I am unsure of what to do. We haven't seen any evidence that they have come back, but just knowing that they are a wall away is already starting to drive me crazy. I can't deal with them again. Not with expecting a newborn in just 12 weeks. I can't do things, as big as I am getting, like I did last year at this time. Please pray with me that all the time and effort Andy has put into this house will do the trick in protecting us from a new infestation. Please pray that something will be done to the house next door to rid it of its bedbugs. I do not believe the neighbors are going to do anything about the situation. I believe they are hoping that if they stay out of the house long enough, they will just die. I have told them before that is not the case - they can stay there for up to 18 months without a feeding or move onto the next house - which hopefully won't be ours. But the fact that the other neighbors are in jeopardy is frustrating. If we can't get rid of them on this block we will run the risk of them coming back sometime in the future. Please pray that the houses on our block will get rid of these pests so we can all have a peace of mind about our homes.

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

Bless your hearts!!!! I am praying.