Monday, April 12, 2010

11 Weeks!

All day today I had Drew one week older than he really is - I kept thinking he was 12 weeks old - but he is only 11! I am not trying to rush things - just brain dead!!! I don't think my brain will ever really recover from this pregnancy - too much shrinkage went on I think! Anyway, my sweet boy is 11 weeks old today and he is a real pleasure 90% of the time! He is really starting to settle into babyhood. He doesn't cry as much as he used to - though still has bouts of hysteria for seemingly no reason at all (like tonight at a birthday party!). He is REALLY smiling at all of his siblings and Andy and I. Matt is most impressed with this and feels that Drew likes him the best - it could be! Drew is also making all sorts of cute cooing sounds! It really sound like he is having an entire conversation with you! He looks at you and "talks" and "talks" and "talks"! Why should he be different than the first three - they are all talkers! Andy and I find this hysterical since we are really not talkers - we much prefer a quiet and peaceful setting - not our kids! They can't stand silence and fill every void with speech! I have a feeling Drew is going to follow in their footsteps!
The best thing about Drew right now though is that he is sleeping 8+ hours at night!!!! I lay him down between 7:00 and 8:00 pm, feed him around 10:30 pm and then he's good until about 6:30 pm! YAY!!! Now if I could only force myself to go to bed at the same time I'd be set! I think one reason is starting to sleep longer at night is the fact that he found his thumb! We really tried to get him to like a pacifier - but I believe he is opting for the thumb. Matt and Sarah both sucked their thumbs. Daniel took a pacifier. It was much easier to break Daniel of his bad habit than it was the older two. Oh well! It looks cute while they are little!I started back at the gym last Saturday and it felt so good! I am so glad to be back exercising. My goal is to lose the last 16 pregnancy pounds by September and then continue on the weight loss journey I started before I got pregnant. I really need to lose the weight - I just want to be done with the diabetes and high triglycerides. I'd like to live long enough to see Drew have a family - if I'm going to do that I need to be healthy now!

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