Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Thumb Wins!

Yes, I am afraid we have a thumb sucker! I really tried to get him to like the beebee (that's what Daniel named the pacifier), but Drew has decided he prefers the thumb. This is how I find him in his bed anymore!!!He continues to sleep through the night and even "overslept" this morning! He didn't wake up until 8:00 am! He went more than 9 hours without eating! I am used to him waking between 6 and 7 am. I guess I will have to start setting the alarm clock again!

He was really alert in church this morning and everyone was commenting on his "Hershey Kiss" eyes! They are looking rather chocolaty and BEAUTIFUL! I love his eyes! They are so expressive and so gorgeous to look at! I never thought I would have a dark eyed boy. Matt has light hazel eyes, Sarah has green/blue eyes and Daniel has blue. I just assumed he would follow everyone else - but he got brown - and they did I mention that they were beautiful?!?! Now if he would have only been a redhead! He would have had the perfect combination! I guess those German traits beat out my Irish ones - oh well!

We only have three more weeks of class work and then we are taking a week of vacation and finishing school in Williamsburg, VA! We have been studying American History this year and have really been looking into Colonial times. We went last October, but I was pregnant and sick and it rained the entire time we were there. It was a nice trip - but I am hoping this one is much better! It will be fun to have Drew with us in body instead of inside my body! He does well in a carrier, so he will do just fine! Please pray for the kids as they finish up their school work. Please pray for me as I work on their portfolios. This has been a crazy year and I have not kept up on some things like I should have. I really need to pull things together!

Isn't he just wonderful? He really is a tremendous gift from God!

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Trish said...

I must admit that I found myself staring at Drew several times during worship!! (for once I was actually sitting behind you guys) He was SO cute with those big beautiful eyes... definitely helped me praise God even more!!