Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend (a little late!)

We had an extremely busy weekend! It all started Friday with a visit to my dear friend and most kindred spirit, Donna. I hadn't seen her since August of last year! It was a visit that was LONG overdue! Plus she just had to meet Drew! I can't believe we only live about an hour from each other and yet it's so difficult to get together - but she has six kids and now I have four - it just gets a little interesting in the scheduling department! But we finally got our acts together and up we went to the suburbs! It was a beautiful day and Drew did amazingly well! It was just great to see her and talk to another adult! Our kids get along super well - maybe because they have all known each other since they were born! They all consider each other their best friend. Maybe our friendship has made them all comfortable with each other. It will be fun to see what the next few years bring as our oldest enter into teenage hood!Saturday we ventured up to the in-laws. Each year, if the weather is decent, we try to hold an Easter egg hunt for our kids. Andy's home church used to have a big one the Saturday before Easter, but no one wanted to take on the responsibility for it anymore and so it is no more! But we have enjoyed doing it for our kids. This year Jonathan, Andy's brother's grandson, joined us! It was good! We hid 140 plastic eggs with all sorts of junk in them (some even with coins!). we only lost 1! The kids had a blast and it was another gorgeous day! They were pretty dirty and worn out - always a sign of a good time!
Can you find the egg?

Sunday was Easter Day! We had to wake up a bit early and be at church early for the two services that our church held. The kids sang in both services and they all did a great job! They all looked great in their Easter attire thanks to MomMom!
After the services we headed up to my parents for another egg hunt put on by my mom and a ham dinner. It was nice and relaxing as it was just my sister and her son and Andy and our kids. Usually we have all kinds of family - aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews - but this year my mom kept it low key. It was great!
My four on the left and my nephew Sam! He should have been mine with the red hair!
Poor worn out baby!

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