Monday, May 24, 2010

17 Weeks/ 4 Months!

Today Drew is 17 weeks old. Tomorrow he will be 4 months old! WOW!!! Time is just flying and I can't seem to catch up! I know I haven't blogged much lately - I'm really trying to organize the house so that I can have some breathing room this summer. I finally got all the kids winter clothes put away and summer ones out. The nice thing now is that I know I don't have to keep anything Sarah has outgrown as there is no other girl to pass it down to! So I get rid of it - QUICKLY!!!! Matt's stuff I also give away as it will be EIGHT years before Daniel would fit into it and with our limited room that's just too long to keep - plus elastic and stuff doesn't last too long. I have a friend who has kids just a year after ours and they get good use of the stuff. The only stuff I keep now is Daniel's. Drew will be able to wear it in about three years - so I can handle keeping it for that long. Ever since the whole bed bug incident I am not into holding onto things for a long period of time. If it is not in use - WATCH OUT!!!!!Drew has turned into a little person right before our eyes! He is "talking" and playing and just becoming interested in everything! Sarah has just realized that that everything he grabs goes into his mouth! It's funny to see what the older kids notice about Drew that they didn't notice about Daniel since they are so much older now. She is also very into his "talking" and talks to him constantly! I believe he will be speaking full sentences by the time he is 18 months thanks to Sarah's interaction! He is sleeping 11-12 hours at night - which I love! Now I just need to get myself to bed at a decent hour! I also believe that Drew has started the teething process! We currently call him "Drooling Drew!" as he is full of drool! He also has boughts of screaming that are unexplainable and nursing has become quite a challenge at times. I had to take him to the doctor last week for a rash I couldn't get rid of and he now weighs 15 pounds 11 ounces. In almost 4 months he has gained almost 5 pounds! He is one ounce shy of a full five pounds which I believe he has probably gained by today! Needless to say he is doing well!

Our crazy summer schedule begins next Tuesday. I am not looking forward to this summer - there are a lot of changes happening and I don't do well with change. The biggest change is that Matt will be turning 13 and going up to Teen Club and God Squad. Daniel will also start attending 5 & 6 Year Olds. So many people going in so many different directions! It's going to be a crazy summer!


Trish said...

And Sarah is moving to pre-teens!! Maybe not a huge change for you, but it is for me! I'm going to miss her! :)

Shannon said...

I am actually trying to mentally block that out of my head! I can't handle ALL this change - a teenager, a preteen, a 5&6 yo AND an infant - REALLY?!?!? What was God thinking!!!