Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Year Ago.....

I couldn't imagine my life as it is today. One year ago today we found our last bed bug - dead! One year ago today I couldn't imagine loving another sweet boy let alone adding one to our family. One year ago today I was still in tears and stressed about the condition of our house.

But SO MUCH has changed in just one year!

First - the bed bugs are gone. Technically we still have 6 months before we can officially declare them GONE as they can live 18 months without a feeding - but we are trusting God for an answered prayer - which I will talk about in the next paragraph. We still look for them and check every fuzzy we find on the floor - but we haven't seen one in a year. PRAISE GOD! I honestly didn't believe we would ever be rid of them and thought we would have to endure life with them forever - but God is faithful even to those without strong faith. I learned a great deal about myself and my God and am more in love with Him this year than last. He is strong and can handle my tears, anger and frustration and still love me with a fierce love that can get me through the toughest trials! I also learned that less is more. I don't need a lot of stuff cluttering up my life. I am still de-cluttering our house but it is in far better condition than it was when the whole bed bug thing started in October of 2008!

Second - we have a new son! He is perfect (well in MY eyes!) and adorable and so sweet I just want to eat him up! Last spring I remember praying that if God would allow it to bless us with another child. But I put a condition on that child - that He wouldn't allow us to get pregnant until the bed bugs were gone. I knew (and so did He!) that I could not handle the stress of bed bugs and pregnancy at the same time! When I took the home pregnancy test on May 29th - I knew the bed bugs were gone. God is faithful and loving and I viewed that pregnancy as a sort of promise that the bed bugs were gone. The pregnancy had a lot of ups and downs - and was my most stressful pregnancy right up to the end - but God is so good to me and brought us all through it safely and having learned much! We are all in love with Drew and view him as a miraculous gift from God!

Third - I never thought our house would look THIS GOOD! It is completely different! Andy did an amazing job and I continue to love the house I live in (though I sometime wish it were in a different area!). I know I haven't posted many pictures of it all new and what not. Right now it is a disaster area with just getting back from vacation and getting the clothes all switched over. Since school is done I will have time to totally clean it from top to bottom and then I will post the before and after shots - you will be amazed! So the biggest blessing from the bed bugs is a new house from the inside out!

It is fun (now) to look back on last year and see how God has carried me through some of the toughest trials I have faced in my life. I am glad my friend encouraged me to start a blog so that I have a chronicle of exactly how I felt during those times and can look back and see God's faithfulness. I know I will face other trials - but I can also look back and see God's faithfulness and KNOW without a doubt He will continue to be faithful. Thank you, Father, for your deep love for me!

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