Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have been falling behind on my blog posting. Life is a bit crazy with trying to wrap school up for the year and get portfolios together. Plus taking care of this cutie takes up a lot of time!I am also really trying to keep up on all the housework - namely laundry! I can't believe how much laundry we produce! But the wonderful thing is that I now have a a washer and dryer UPSTAIRS!!!! See ~ Isn't it great! I am SO thankful that I don't have to trudge down to the basement and lug everything back upstairs! Thank you, Andy! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I could have a laundry room upstairs! But Andy made it possible when he had to gut the entire hallway in February 2009 due to the wicked bed bugs. So something GOOD did come from that dreadful situation!Drew is now 3 months old! Goodness! Time is just flying but we are so enjoying him! He has the greatest smiles! He cries far less now a days and is getting into quite a routine. He sleeps through the night and is ready for bed at 6:30 pm! I still wake him at 11:00 pm to feed him one last time, but he then sleeps until 7-7:30 am! He is a dream! Sarah and Daniel still fight over who can hold him and love to talk with him and play with him. We all love seeing who can get the biggest smile out of him! Daniel is doing well and is constantly begging to do school! I think I have discovered the secret to having kids like school - don't do it with them! Daniel begs to do math and reading. He would do a workbook everyday if I let him! But trying to deal with Matt and Sarah sometimes leaves little time with my preschooler. However, he knows all his letters and numbers and can count up through 20. He is also writing his name (with a little help with the N)! He is drawing really cute pictures of us and we love the explanations behind each one! His current passion is Lego's! He is constantly building something with the many that he finds around the house!
I am planning on doing the preschool program I was suppose to do with him this past year, this summer. I have decided to school year round. As you may have guessed this is an EXTREMELY popular decision with the older two! I don't believe Daniel will fuss at all and Drew will never know the difference! I think it will be easier in the long run and I can then break some of the subjects down into "semesters". I often find it difficult to fit both science and history in together. It will also give us a little wiggle room throughout the year so if I feel I (or the kids) needs a day off we can do so without the pressure of finishing on time! So pray for me and the kids - that we would be able to do the work and really learn. Pray especially for Matt as he is really struggling with motivation and making the school work his own. I have stopped nagging him this week and in the past two days he has only gotten spelling done. Andy and I are frustrated. But the nagging was just causing strife between us and wasn't really working. Until Matt decides to do the work, it won't get done. He's always been that way - he has to decide things and when he does things happen. It is a waiting game at this point. If he doesn't finish his work by June 1st he may be repeating 7th grade. So pray for him and us!

Sarah is almost finished her 5th grade year. All her course work will be done this week! It wasn't our best school year as I feel I wasn't really the teacher I wanted, or needed, to be. I already have plans in the works for changing next year. I really need to focus on spelling and math with her. One reason we are doing school year round is because she tends to lose a lot of information even over a short period of time. She needs constant repetition to remember all that she has been taught. She is excited for the summer as we just registered her to go to Camp Sankanac! I grew up at that camp and I am so glad she loves going there! She really wanted to go for two weeks, but our summer is looking really busy, so we told her next year she can go for two weeks.

Thanks for all your prayers. Next week we head to Williamsburg, VA! It is our final field trip of the year! So be looking out for some fun posts of our time there! Also pray for our travels as this is Drew's first LONG trip and I have no idea how it will go! Thanks!

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