Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gasport, NY!!!–Travel Day/ Day 1

We made the trip!  We are here visiting with close friends from college – the Ragonese family.  We had planned this trip for last year but one of our kids got sick and then one of their kids got sick – so we cancelled the trip with the plan to do it this year!  And it worked out!!!!  They live about 30 minutes out of Niagara Falls.  The kids are so excited to see the falls!  Daniel keeps talking about it – but he has absolutely no idea what to expect!  It’s going to be fun to see his reaction when he actually sees it!

The trip took about 9 hours and Drew didn’t think too highly of the trip!  He was a whinny mess almost the entire trip – except for the last hour.  Then he was happy and talking – go figure!  I was really hoping he would sleep – but he only slept for about 45 minutes the entire trip!  The other three did great – but watching movies really helps with that!We only made two stops – once for breakfast and another at a Wal-Mart to stretch our legs and get a drink! 

As soon as we got out of the car the kids started playing together.  They have three kids - 14 (girl), 12 (boy) and 8 (boy).  Our girls are extremely excited that there is another girl to talk/ play with! 


And the boys have been running around like banshees enjoying the fresh country air.


061It is raining right now – but the temperatures are amazing!  SO MUCH COOLER than where we live!  I am so going to enjoy this week!  We had planned on doing an outside activity today (Tuesday) – but that was pushed off until better weather comes around.  Instead we enjoyed a couple of games of bowling – followed by pizza and a movie – Rio!  We all had a lot of fun.004018

007Plans this week include seeing the falls, riding the canal, and visiting a lake beach.  Most of all it’s just going to be relaxing and fellowshipping with friends!

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