Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I know....

it's been a while since I have blogged. Some people have been getting on me about getting back to blogging. I guess I am currently trying to overcome my fear of blogging. I know....it sounds strange to be fearful of blogging, but every time I blog about life one of those dreaded little beasts pops up somewhere and then I go into a slump. But a lot has been going on in the Schultz household that I should let people know about! So here it goes!

Last week an incredible group from Greenville College (in Indiana) came and did a week long football camp for the kids of the neighborhood. It was great! Everyday from 4-6 pm all three kids went to camp. Sarah was tagged with the nickname "El Pancake". I guess she was a pretty good defensive player. Matt had a great time running and doing the different drills. Daniel just had fun playing outside! I had a wonderful time of two quiet hours in the house! We were all sad to see them leave!
Friday morning, the Darrow clan and all of us went to the Kimmel Center to attend "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" put on by the Philadelphia Orchestra. It was incredible! I love the orchestra and could attend it weekly if I could afford it! They did a really great job keeping the kids interest and teaching them about Beethoven's life. Even Daniel sat for the entire concert. One of the reasons I love living in Philly is so that we can attend events like this one. I am hoping that we can attend more school concerts next year.

The house is coming along....slowly, but surely. Andy is back to ministry full-time and so has limited time to work on things. We are currently looking to purchase three windows - one very large one for our living room and two for our bedroom. Our bedroom windows really need to be replaced as they are original to the house. They are the old weighted and chain pulley type windows. They are pretty cool - but very drafty! I can't imagine how warm our bedroom will be after we replace them! We have discovered, however, that windows are not cheap! We are planning on using some of our tax refund to replace the windows.

Since joining the gym on March 6th, I have gone everyday, except yesterday (we were out of town!). I REALLY like going. I feel like I am actually accomplishing something. Today I was scheduled to meet with a trainer. When you join you get one free session. I didn't plan too well for it, however. I went my normal time, 6:30 am, and did 47 minutes on the elliptical (my favorite cardio machine). I then started working out with the trainer at 7:30 am. He was good and was teaching me some great exercises for my abs and legs. Then it happened - I could feel myself starting to crash. The trainer must have recognized the signs because he asked if I was okay. In short I had to end my session and go home to eat something. I was really bummed as I didn't get to finish the session. The good thing is he said I seem to know what I am doing and to just keep pushing myself. I guess I need to learn to eat more before going to the gym - an apple doesn't cut it! I am still learning how to deal with this whole new lifestyle.

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