Friday, April 3, 2009

Wrong, again!

Once again, my God has proven me wrong. I don't know why I continue to think that things I believe are impossible are also impossible for God or that He would choose to NOT bless me in that manner. But the story I am about to tell you is a TOTAL GOD THING! It smacks of God's humor and desperate love for the smallest details of our lives!

Back in February I purchased tickets for Sarah, Denise (a great friend in our church) and I to attend the United Tour - a concert featuring Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman. I have enjoyed both artists for as long as I can remember. Michael W. Smith was the first Christian Contemporary Artist that I listened to and attended his concerts when I was a young person! Sarah has become quite a fan of both and I thought this would be a great birthday present! So we made plans to head to Baltimore, MD - the closest place they were coming.

Yesterday was the concert. We headed down to Baltimore, MD at around 1:15 pm and arrived there around 3:30 pm. We started walking around and headed towards the inner harbor to see if the aquarium was still open. The concert was being held at the Hippodrome Theater. We were getting close to the theater when I jokingly said, "Wouldn't it be funny if Michael W. Smith or Steven Curtis Chapman would walk out we could meet one of them?" There was a man standing on the sidewalk in front of the theater and when he turned around it was Michael W. Smith!!!! I really couldn't believe it! "It's him!", I said and Denise and I urged Sarah to go say hi! As Denise and I got closer MWS had gone over to a group of men and was making a phone call. We waited a few seconds and Steven Curtis Chapman walks out from the group and starts talking with Sarah! She had such poise and grace as she politely explained what a big fan she was and how she enjoyed his music and couldn't wait for the concert. He jokingly said she was a "little" fan meaning she was young and shook her hand and asked if she would like a picture. She said yes and so we got one. Up behind him came Michael W. Smith and started speaking with Sarah and asking her if she was coming tonight and posed for a picture with her as well. Both men were extremely gracious and so friendly and not at all upset about us taking up their time! I am amazed. I am befuddled! I am in awe of God's goodness to us. I mean what are the chances that we would happen upon them at that specific moment? As I said, it was a total God thing.
I have to admit, I had been praying - half hearted - about Sarah maybe getting the chance to meet one of the men. I truly was not praying in faith as I truly believed it would never happen. I am ashamed to think that God wouldn't even care about that detail. But I have been proven wrong. He is an amazing God - in all circumstances. Whether it be battling bed bugs, dealing with preteen boys, or meeting a musician - He cares about all aspects of our life! I believe meeting these men made a huge impact on Sarah about what an amazing and awesome God we serve and that He loves us and desires to bless us in many ways. Thank you Father for your amazing love towards us!


Spesamor Academy said...

:) I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I can attest that Michael W Smith is indeed a man of God as well. I met him in 1997. Your story is so awesome!!!