Monday, April 27, 2009

So sorry....

I have been absolutely horrible about blogging. Life seems to be going at warp speed as of late and there isn't enough hours in my day to accomplish everything I desire to do. We are all well. Matt "seems" to be getting better - still a bit irritable, but more tolerable! Right now we are counting down the days until we go on vacation - THIS THURSDAY! We planned this vacation last September. Back then it seemed so far away. Then when the trials came flowing one by one - this vacation became my "finish line" so to speak. If I could make it this far, I knew we could make it. And now it is finally almost here. We still have some obstacles to climb, but we are really praying that this time away - two weeks! - will be refreshing and bonding. We have missed so much of our kids lives this past year because of other issues crowding our heads. Please pray that we would spend tons of time with them, talking with them, growing closer, and making memories that will last a life time.

Where are we going? We are heading to Disneyland for one week and then to a condo in Orlando for the second week. While there we are celebrating my 40th birthday! This is a gift from my mom. We are so incredibly blessed! Please pray for safety and a refreshing time. We are burnt out and need some time to escape from our house and different issues (namely the bed bugs! Though we haven't seen any since Easter). Keep an eye out - I plan to blog everyday to keep a journal of all we are doing!

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