Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Two weeks ago I took Matt to the doctor to get blood work done. He had been bitten by a tick in early March and I didn't want to take any chances that he did have it without showing any of the symptoms. Unfortunately, there was a mess up with the lab and blood work so we went again yesterday to redo the blood work. I got the phone call this afternoon. He has Lyme's disease. The doctor was shocked. Matt never presented with the bulls eye rash and never had any other symptoms, except one day he had a terrible headache. But it was only one day and I figured it was a sinus thing. I am glad I went with my instinct and asked the doctors to draw blood - otherwise this thing could have gone on for quite some time. Fortunately, Lyme's disease is very curable in children. He will be on an antibiotic for three weeks and that should be the end. The doctor says he doesn't need to be retested, but I think I am going to research this more thoroughly to see if he should be retested and what would show up if he was retested. Please pray that Matt would make a full recovery and that there would be no side effects to this disease.

He has been INCREDIBLY difficult as of late and we are hoping that that will be relieved soon. I did read that one of the side effects of Lyme's disease in children is irritability. I only hope that is our sons' case and not his true personality. He has had an incredibly difficult year medically with hoof and mouth disease last June and then sometime during last year he contracted mono (didn't find that out until he had blood work for a mysterious rash that had developed last fall) and now Lyme's disease. I am praying he will start taking care of himself by allowing himself to sleep and rest. He is so much like Andy in that he stays up all hours of the night thinking when he should be sleeping. Please pray for balance and rest for his body.

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