Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have several - I guess I'll start with the bad news update and end on a positive note.

The bad news is that the neighbors on our other side, the Hispanic family, has bed bugs. I talked with them this afternoon and tried to express how important it is that they get treatments started quickly. They had them back in January, got treatment and didn't see anymore. But now they have seen several. It makes me think they thought this was just a one time thing and weren't very diligent about looking everywhere, everyday. I am HOPING and PRAYING that they DON'T come back to this side. I think if they do that's the end and I am leaving this house and the city.

Now to the good news. Lilianna Faith Hinson is doing remarkably well! All her tubes are out and she is breathing well on her own. I actually was able to visit with Carisa, Frank and Lili yesterday thanks to kindness of Mrs. Hunter - Carisa's mom. She offered to take me over when she and Paxton went to visit. Lili is such a beautiful baby! It was a sweet time getting to see Carisa hold her for the first time since she was born and to touch her soft downy hair. She is a real joy to her family. Paxton was BEYOND excited to meet his new sister. I am so glad he is a loving big brother - something I am extremely jealous of as my first born is not as sweet with his younger siblings. I pray Paxton continues to be that loving caring big brother.
New Note - She is now in the Well Baby Nursery! YEAH! She's a fighter!
Another piece of good news is that I went to the Dr. for a three month check-up. My blood work came back GREAT! I am now in the NON-diabetic range with a blood sugar reading of 5.9, and my triglycerides, which had been over 900, are now down to 117. The exercise and eating properly are working! I am still on medication, but my hope is that with continued diet and exercise I will be able to get off them. I will continue to work and we will see how my body responds.

God is good - all the time. I have to keep remembering that. I pray that our neighbors would get rid of their bed bugs so we can go into the summer worry free. They multiply quicker in the heat - it could get pretty bad again. Please pray for God to eradicate these dreadful creatures once and for all!

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