Monday, January 3, 2011

New Goals!

With each new year I always try to set some new goals - more often than not I fail miserably! But I try and every now and then I am successful. My goal for this year is to try to cook more dinners. I hate cooking - I know I have mentioned that before! - but I need to make more healthy meals and God has been spurring me on to make this a priority. He has given me this wonderful family to care for and FEED! I need to make this a ministry to my family and get my act together. Since one of the things that goes along with cooking is the grocery shopping (which I hate even more!) I have decided to try to plan a month of meals so that I can go to the grocery store as little as possible!!! I have come up with my first month of meals!!I don't think I'll be able to make a dinner EVERY night. I am so thankful for the staff retreat that falls in the middle of the month as that is three less meals I have to make! I have also planned on two meals that we order in or go out to eat. But even with those five meals - I will be making a whole lot more than I had last month! I think last month, I am ashamed to say, I may have made a total of ten meals! Cooking is hard for me - I am not a creative cook - know nothing about adding flavor to meals and cook basically the same things week after week. I have added a couple of new recipes to try - but I hate new recipes because they take so long to prepare. But this is an area where I need to improve and that is my goal for the year. I have only made this one goal because it is going to take everything I have (and even more from God!) to accomplish this task! So while you are cheerfully preparing your own meals - I would really appreciate prayers on my behalf that I would do this task cheerfully and learn how to prepare healthy meals for my family! Thanks!!!


Rachel F said...

'The I Hate to Cook book' I saw this at my local library just a few hours after reading your post. It was written by a women who dreaded preparing meals. There is even a 30-day meal plan in it. Saw it and thought you might like to take a look at it.

Shannon said...

Thank you, Rachel! It's on it's way!!! I received a gift card for Christmas and this is a great way to spend it! Thank you for your help!!