Monday, September 5, 2011

School Days

When Daniel was little and we were homeschooling I struggled with what to do with him.  But he was an extremely complacent child who was content to do a lot of different things – play with puzzles, look at books, play with anything.  Of course, when he was two we were in the middle of dealing with bed bugs so he didn’t get to “do” that much.  We were tired and he just went with the flow.

Now that we have Drew – and I’m homeschooling a 9th, 7th, and a 1st grader – I now struggle with what to do with him.  He is NOT the complacent child Daniel was – he is much more adventurous – and loves danger.  He climbs everything, reaches for everything, and runs everywhere.  Thanks to a wonderful website, 1+1+1=1, I have found some great ideas to keep Drew occupied so I can get something done with one of the other kids.  Here are some pictures of Drew doing his “school'”!

He LOVES putting things into containers.  Here he is putting little pompoms into a pitcher and pouring them into a container.029030032Here he is playing with Lauri Toys Smart Shapes and Stacker Pegs.  He LOVES this!  He shocked me with being able to actually put the pegs in the little holes the first time he ever played with it.  033040He claps for himself each time he sticks a peg into a hole!  He cracks me up!034Someone gave us a gift to use towards a computer for school.  Well, after discussing it we decided to put it towards an iPad 2.  There are so many incredible apps to use for education.  You can find a list on the same 1+1+1=1 website of some recommended apps.  Drew LOVES several of them!043044048He gets so tickled when he does something that gets a positive response!  050

He still keeps me hopping and the kids are learning to work with a toddler around – but hopefully our routine will be settling soon and we can all get our work done!

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

I love this post. I so understand what your saying. I am amazed at the mom I am to my third boy. I didn't know to play with them like I do now. Carisa is amazing because I watched her posts like crazy while dreaming of a new baby.

Keep up the great work.