Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Night School

Tonight the kids and I did night school! It is the first time I have been able to convince them that this could be a good thing. I think it helped that they can't watch any TV and were getting a little bored! So we came up to the schoolroom and tried to get some of their school work for tomorrow completed. Another motivator to getting tomorrow's work finished is that Andy is running up to his parents tomorrow afternoon to pick up some chairs that a church is giving us. They want to go - I want them to go!!! I need a few hours alone to get a number of things done - like change poor Daniel's clothes from summer to winter, clean the basement, clean my bedroom and finish laundry! I am looking forward to my few hours of straight work. It's hard to get things done when Daniel is napping in my room, homeschooling until about 4pm each day and then cooking dinner and getting kids off to bed. I am making my list of things to accomplish. The exciting thing is is that I will have some time on Saturday to finish some of the things I don't get done tomorrow. The kids and I have no plans for Saturday. They are as excited as I am! A whole day at home! WOOHOO!!! I think it is the first one in about four weeks. Pray that I would use my time wisely tomorrow and Saturday and get a number of things that are on my list accomplished so I don't feel them weighing me down!

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