Monday, November 19, 2007

No School!!

Wow - I can't believe I haven't blogged in three days! Life has been CRAZY! Friday night Andy held his yearly All-Nighter for the Teens. After a day at the dentist and then time visiting with his parents he headed off around 10:00 pm. He went to bed at 6:39 am. The kids and I headed out of the house at 8:15 am. We ran to the King of Prussia Mall to get Andy's Christmas present. He needed a new Franklin Covey binder and the only Franklin Covey store in the area is at K of P. There used to be one in center city, but it closed. We also walked around to look at the different stores. The kids were so good and really cooperated. They had never been to that mall before and enjoyed window shopping. We returned four hours later in time for Sarah to attend her friends surprise birthday party. Sunday was our Thanksgiving Dinner outreach. We had a ton of people attend and three different churches helping out. It was great! It really went smoothly. I ended Sunday at Prayer Pals where we had a bunch of kids attend - it was wonderful!

Now it is Monday - the day I usually dread! Not today! Today was our first day off from school and I am thrilled with all that we got accomplished! Matt and I cleaned his room from ceiling to floor! We pulled out all the furniture, vacuumed and wiped down the walls, chair rails and baseboards. Matt wondered why we had to wipe down the walls - until he saw the water afterwards! He couldn't believe that much grim was on his walls! Everything is clean! Now we will paint the wall above the chair rail and ceiling on Friday. When he was going to bed he commented how he loves a clean room. He even said he didn't need all the stuff that had been taken out of his room (see post "Back to Reality" in September). I am so glad he is starting to realize he doesn't need "things". I think not having his stuff for almost two months has really helped. I also thoroughly cleaned two bathrooms and did a few loads of laundry! I love days when I get a lot accomplished!

I also hit CVS tonight. With kids in tow, we made through without much incident. Tonight I purchased:

1 crest Toothpaste (6.4 oz) $2.49
2 Olay Ultra Moisturizer Body Wash $10.58
1 Olay Ribbons Body Wash $4.99
1 St. Ives Vitamin E Lotion $5.29
1 St. Ives Facial Scrub $5.49
1 Keri Lotion $8.49
1 Gallon 1% Milk $4.09

The total was $43.68. I used $7.00 manufacture coupons and then my ECB's from last week, $25.00, and then another $5.00 CVS coupon when you spent $30. I ended up paying $4.42 and came home with $15 ECB's! Now, what will I do with all that body wash and lotion? Some I will keep - I LOVE St. Ives products. Some are Christmas presents. I am also putting some things aside for our annual Cornerstone Adult Christmas Party. We all are supposed to bring a gift for your gender - I have decided to make a basket of lotions, body washes, etc. A lot of the women in our neighborhood don't splurged on things like this. They will love it!

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