Saturday, November 3, 2007


Our group of 30!

WOW! This weekend has been incredible! And LOUD!!!! I am amazed my ears can still hear with all the abuse they took this weekend! They are still ringing! But despite the loudness, God's truth was spoken, hearts were enlightened and the girls had an incredible time! The speakers included Jenna and Max Lucado (Max by video), Natalie Grant, Chad Eastham and Rachel Hockett. All were fabulous and really spoke to the issues that the girls are facing at this time in their lives. Of all the speakers I really enjoyed Chad Eastham. He set the girls straight on guys, their thinking, and the whole relationship thing. I really hope the girls were listening to him and take to heart his words. He was also very funny!

The singing artists included KJ-52, Natalie Grant, Ayiesha Woods and Hawk Nelson. KJ-52 is Hip-Hop, so I really didn't understand a word he was singing! I am old! It concerned me a bit during his concert because he seemed to be placing glory upon himself. Since I couldn't understand the words he was rapping, I couldn't hear anything about Jesus and God. I did, however, hear his name in songs. It troubled me that the girls would love listening to someone without a strong Christian testimony. But my fears were aleeved when they had a Q & A session at the end of the conference. One young insightful girl asked him how he felt when many were glorifying him instead of God. He gave a very good response, including a bit of his testimony. I only wish they would present more of their testimony so the girls can see their faith and not just their music. I really enjoyed Natalie Grant and Ayiesha Woods - both very solid testimonies during their performances. Hawk Nelson was interesting. I was glad I got to see him as he is currently one of Matt's favorite artists. I could at least hear and understand his words, though the music was so loud my rib cage vibrated! Matt would have loved it! He, too, had a good testimony, though a bit of an odd personality! Some of our girls actually went down to the stage area and got up close to him. He came down into the crowd and the girls went crazy. It is my hope that the girls would hear the message and not only see the messenger.
Hawk Nelson

Overall the weekend went really well. The girls had a great time and I really enjoyed getting to know them better. The girls in my group were Tina, Destiny, Judy and Ruthanne. Ruthanne is a real sweetheart with a tenderness that I pray stays about her while growing up here in Philly. Tina is a strong leader though quiet. The girls really seem to look up to her. I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to next year when Revolve returns to Philly.
Diamond and Ruthanne

On a family note, as I was brushing Daniel's teeth tonight I noticed two of his two-year-old molars (top right and bottom left) have FINALLY popped through! I am praying that this is what is causing his lack of sleep. We have decided to let him cry it out a bit. Tonight has gone better, he only cried a little and is up there calling for Matt or Mommy to sleep with him. Sarah is at MomMom's house, so he is missing his roommate! He's not yelling just talking. He is definitely going to be a people person - someone that loves to be with people, not alone! Just like his sister! Maybe the end of this phase is in sight and we can get back to a normal sleep routine.

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