Thursday, August 21, 2008

God is Good - ALL THE TIME!!!

There are times in our lives when we wonder if the above statement is true. This week has been one that has tested us as parents (see post below) as well as homeowners! Late last week Andy noticed a nice size hole developing on the street along our curb. When he looked down the hole he noticed NOTHING under the street! The dirt had washed away and there was a potential for it becoming a very large sink hole! On Saturday, the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee stopped by to praise our clean street. There was a woman from the streets department who said they would be by on Monday to investigate the hole. They came and said the water department would be along in three days to scope the sewer pipes and determine if it was our pipe causing the problem or our neighbors pipe.

They came today. (Photos courtesy of Matt!)As it turns out it is BOTH of the pipes, ours and our neighbors. They have to be replaced.
The poor fellow who had to check out the pipes!
Andy had a plumber come out and give us an estimate - $3000! The good thing is that we are able to get an interest free loan that will be attached to our water bill each month. That's good since we don't have an extra $3000 lying around! We are going to get another estimate, but since the city is handing out $3000 interest free loans, I think that is probably the quote we are going to be receiving.

The other trying thing we are dealing with is our car. Back in July (the 29th) our car went into the shop because on occasion it just wouldn't start. Last November we had the Computer Control Module (are you impressed I know what that is??? I am!) replaced. Since it is the brain of the car it is expensive, but not as expensive as a new car! Well, this behavior (not turning on) is connected to that CCM. The dealer reprogrammed it and declared it fine. We got it back from the shop July 8th. July 13th when we were all packed up to attend Milford Park it wouldn't start. The same thing we sent it in for! It has since been in the shop. Today we found out the dealer says it's fine and that there is nothing wrong with it. Our mechanic is stumped. There is something wrong, but nobody knows what that is. So, we basically need to find another car if we wish to travel any farther than our grocery store.

Surprisingly, I am not concerned about all the money that will need to be saved. Some of you who know me know that this can be a worry of mine. God is good and will provide. It's His money anyway! We have never been in need or want. So, we are praying.

We are continuing to pray about the homeschool situation. Andy and I had a long (and good) discussion tonight. We have formed a list of pros and cons of each option. We have one that we are leaning towards and are feeling a peace towards, but will discuss it with Matt next week. Please pray with us that we would make the right decision, not based on what we want or emotion, but on what it is God wants for us and our son.

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