Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tot School!

My friend, Carisa, is a blogger to the hilt and has developed a homeschool blog that features "Tot School". It is full of things that she does with her two year-old son. I am often amazed at all the things she does with him. This year, Daniel realizes what school is and is demanding that he be a part of the classroom. I am excited, but at the same time nervous about how to pull the schedule together. So far things seem to be working out as we tweek the timing of things and thankfully, he still takes a good nap. He is also different than the other two because he desires to be involved, whereas the older two would rather be doing anything but school! He is also different because I am a different teacher with him. Being the third child, I realize he will learn and I guess I have been more relaxed than I was with the older two.

This week he has wanted to sit at the table with us. The Hinson's gave him this wonderful toy for his birthday, Automoblox. It is exactly what it sounds like, cars made up of blocks. They can be taken apart and put back together into many configurations. He LOVES this toy! He will sit at the table for about 30 minutes and just take it apart, put it together, play with it and then build something else!
The other thing he has enjoyed doing this week is coloring with his new anti-roll Crayola crayons. He has his own "workbook", Kumon: My Book of Coloring, that he begs to do.
He would do the entire thing in one sitting if I would let him! We are working on controlling the crayon and coloring inside the circle. His favorite part is the maze on the backside of each coloring page. I am so amazed at how well he does it! He goes straight from the cirlce to the star without touching any of the shapes in the way. After he does the maze going down, being the mischievous little guy he is, he pretends he is going to run into the shapes on his way back up to the circle! He is a funny kid!

Well, that's what we have done so far, except for reading lots of books. He does enjoy sitting and listening to stories. It will be fun to see where we go this year with his learning and exploring of life!

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Carisa said...

Look how cute he is sitting at your clean table in your beautifully organized school room, with his sweet, obedient sister in the background... love it!

I am so glad he likes the cars.

Love ya!