Monday, August 18, 2008

Tot School

Daniel is really enjoying his "school" time! I am constantly amazed at what he knows! I guess he is learning by osmosis while I teach the other kids. Maybe he'll learn to read on his own, too!!!

Today, I pulled out the Tall-Stacker Pegs and Pegboard by Lauri. I have managed to save these for this year. He was so excited to have something new to use and play with. He had a blast! First he built a tower with all 25 pegs! He had to have a little help from his big sister to put the top pegs into place. We then went over colors and categorizing them into groups.

The last thing we did was to find the peg that was "different" from the others. This was something new to him and he now loves saying the word "different"!

The next thing we took out was the Fit-a-Space puzzles by Lauri. Today was the first day he had seen these as well. He isn't too much into puzzles, so I wondered how this activity would go. He LOVED these small "cookies", as he called them.

What shocked me when we were putting them together was his statement and question "I need an oval. Where is an oval?" and then proceeded to find the oval and put it into place! I knew he knew the basic shapes, square, circle, triangle, but I had no idea he knew an oval! I wonder what else he's hiding in that little brain of his!

We also read a few books: Guess Who's Coming, Jesse Bear by Nancy White Carlstrom, Summer Is Summer by Phillis and David Gershator, Flora's Blanket by Debi Gliori. I love the bunny books! He enjoyed it because it's about a blanket and he LOVES his blankee!

It was a good day with Daniel. The other two are another story. I feel it's going to be rough year of homeschooling. I know God has a plan, but as of right now I cannot see the big picture and it frustrates me. The constant circle of arguments we get from Matt are already tiring us out. To think we have 163 days more is daunting to say the least. We are praying and hanging onto God for his wisdom and strength.

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