Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday, Andy!

Yup! My husband is now 40! Unbelievable! We headed to Ocean City, New Jersey despite Hanna's attempt to keep us away. We arrived at the house around 3:00 pm and started getting ready for the "surprise" party my mom and I had planned for Andy. We had invited all the staff from Cornerstone, but only the Darrow's were able to attend. My sister and Sam, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Doug along with my parents celebrated Andy's big day! We ate dinner and enjoyed a Stock's pound cake. It was so much fun talking and visiting while Hanna raged outside. The kids had a great time playing the Wii and after the Darrow's went home the adults had fun with the game system.
I asked Andy how he felt about being 40. His answer, "Not as bad as not making it to 40!" He is a pretty unfazed guy. In his opinion he is only one day older than he was yesterday. Which is technically true, but now when the teens say he's in his 40's, it's true. When we first moved to Philly all the kids thought he was forty because Bill and Joe were in, or close, to their 40's. He was only 25! Now he is hoping the kids will see him as one of the young leaders, like Frank and Jeff who are only in their early 30's. It's funny how 40 doesn't seem that old anymore! I wonder what 50 or 60 will feel like.

We are so excited to finally be on vacation and to relax in the sun and sand. It has been a long summer. Please pray that this would be a time of refreshing and regrouping. Please also pray that we would take full advantage of spending time with our kids and really developing some close ties with them to build on for the future.

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