Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Sun Returns!

It was a beautiful sunny day, though the temperature was a might bit chillier than previous days. The wind didn't help any either. But to the beach we went!
Daniel and I headed out first and stayed out for about two hours before he decided he'd had enough and wanted to go home. That was fine by me. Matt, Sarah, and Andy stayed out two more hours, boogie boarding and playing in the water which was definitely warmer than the air.
Tonight we also hit Wonderland Pier and rode the rides. Daniel had a blast, but wanted someone to ride the rides with him.
He finally braved the boats by himself as all of were too big to go on with him.
I can't believe it is Wednesday already. Soon we will be packing up and heading home. I wish we could stay another week. I am dreading going home and starting the craziness of life. I will cherish these next three days.

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