Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Each child is unique. My three are as different from one another as chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream. Each one is great and I enjoy each one for their different God given traits. I often wonder why God waited so long to give us Daniel. There is a six year gap between Sarah and Daniel. But everyday I see his smiling face, I know why.... for laughter! He is our stress reliever! Has been since birth! He loves us unconditionally, and always has something enlightening to say!

We are currently in the throws of potty training. He is so not into it! But we keep trying. Today he was a bit odoriferous. I asked him, "Daniel, are you stinky?" Before he could answer I also added, "And tell me the truth!" His response, "No! And that's not the truth!" I could not help but crack up! Whether his little brain understood just what he said, or he misspoke, I'll never know. It got me thinking about truth. Our world likes to think that you make your own truth. It is my hearts desire to teach my kids and those we work with about THE TRUTH. Clubs will be starting back up September 29th. Please pray for Andy and the others on staff that have the awesome responsibility of teaching the kids about Jesus Christ. Pray that hearts would be softened towards the Word and that we would have a great autumn/ winter session. This time of year usually brings out the largest crowds as most kids/ families know kids that attend these next few months can earn an invitation to the Christmas Party (pre-teens is December 10th). With times getting harder, many families rely on the coming events to help out (Thanksgiving Meal Give-away, Thanksgiving Church Dinner, Kids Club Christmas Parties, etc.). Thanks for praying!

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