Monday, September 22, 2008

To Beebee or Not to Beebee?

That is the question that is currently on my mind! Last week, in an effort to get Daniel weaned off the "beebee" (his pacifier), I told him that it needed to stay on his bed. If it wasn't there when he went down for a nap or to bed, I wasn't going to hunt around for it any longer. Sunday through Wednesday nap was great. He left where it belonged. But after his nap on Wednesday he had it in his mouth and refused to put it away. I gave him a warning, but he failed to put it on his bed. When he went to bed that night, there was no beebee. I stuck to my guns and did not look for it. He had chosen the day he was going off the beebee. He only cried for about 90 minutes. He handled it MUCH better than I thought he would. The next few naps and bedtimes he asked for it, but didn't cry and fuss. I soon figured out why. He has taken to sucking his thumb or finger! When I asked him about it his response was, "It's just like my beebee!" UGH!!!!!! Now I am wondering, is it better to let him have the pacifier or let him use his thumb? I am planning on calling both the pediatrician and the dentist to get their takes. I had no idea Daniel would do the thumb thing when we took the beebee away. Unbelievable! So if any of you parents out their who have dealt with this kind of thing have any sage words of wisdom, I could gladly use them!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon!

My youngest daughter had a "paci"! When we started weaning her, a friend from church was expecting a baby. We told Amberly that it would be very kind if she would "give" hers to the new baby that was coming. It didn't work at first, but soon after, she slowly gave each one to our friend for her baby! And by the time the new baby arrived, she had passed down every single one and hasn't looked back! Maybe this will work for you! Good luck!