Monday, August 13, 2007

Clean House

It is a sad commentary on my house but it is always cleanest when Andy is gone - and not because he is the one making the mess. Because I can't sleep, I usually deep clean everything I have time for, before I crash from exhaustion. So, at the moment my kitchen, downstairs bathroom and dining room look fantastic! Andy knows when I have had a particulary hard time sleeping because his desk has usually been tackled, which is not the case this time. I think I managed to fall asleep around 3:30 am and was awoken by a car horn at 7:00 am (our lovely city!). I feel pretty good, but the lack of sleep really won't hit until tomorrow.

School has gone pretty well today, though they definitely were not into the "whole day" of school thing. Sarah kept thinking she was done until I said "No, we are doing ....". This did not go over well! Matt had a math test today and that ALWAYS makes life easier, as it doesn't take as long as a regular math lesson. I am a mean mom and require that he do ALL the mixed practice in Saxon - usually 30 problems. But his test scores sure proved that it helped! As soon as he figures out that complaining will get him nowhere, he will get done much faster. In the mean time we will continue to develope his character and teach him to do the best that he can in all things - even those things he HATES - like work!

Daniel has decided he likes heights today and tried to climb EVERYTHING taller than him. At one point I caught him on the very top of our Po'ang (IKEA) chair. Fortunately, it was up against a wall and didn't tip. He thought this was great! He is definitely more adventuresome than my first two! He also discovered today that he LOVES raisins! Couldn't get enough of them.

Andy should be home within the next couple of hours. The kids will be excited, though he has a meeting tonight so we won't see him long. This was good practice as he will be going on the Teen Missions trip next week. Andy's desk may get tackled next week!

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