Sunday, August 12, 2007


The above title is very appropriate for two reasons. The first reason has to do with a major block party that one of our team members and a group from Florida put on yesterday. It was HUGE!! There were a ton of people enjoying the gorgeous day! There was (I believe) a 30 ft. water slide, a small water slide, different carnival games, and several different Christian rap artisits. They also had a "Singing Bee" in which Matthew participated in, along with his good friend and two other girls. They had to sing a song along with the music and when the music was turned off they had to continue singing the lyrics. Matthew sang "Gone!" by TobyMac and he won!!! He was amazing! Andy and I are always in awe at what he does, like performing in public, as he and I would never have dreamed of doing such activities at 10! He is very courageous and even though he was nervous, he went ahead and did his best! As soon as I figure out how to post a picture I'll put one up of his performance. The other reason this title is appropriate is because Andy is gone. He and another team member took about 20 of the pre-teen/ teen boys camping up at his parents' house. Andy usually likes to do several of these during the month of August, but time is limiting him to one trip this year. It is always fun to get the guys out of their element and really focus on them in a more peaceful setting. It is funny to hear their reactions about the country. My favorite one is that it is not safe because there are no police around! Tonight is also suppose to be an awesome meteor shower - something these guys have never witnessed. Though I really hate it when Andy is gone (I don't sleep well), I know that these guys will reap the benefits of this trip and hopefully it will draw them into a closer relationship with God.

Now it's off to finish preparing for school for the week. It is our first official full week of school, adding in history, science and writing. Pray that this week would go smoothly and good attitudes would be found in everyone - including the teacher!!!

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carisahinson said...

I can't believe I missed Matt's performance! I can't wait to see the pics!