Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fun Day

Well, after an exhausting night, Daniel was up all night fussing, we completed some school and headed off to the Adventure Aquarium in NJ with the Hinsons. The past few weeks I have gone the afternoons have not been very crowded, which is nice when you have a stroller. Today was not the case. You would have thought they were giving away free admission as crowded as it was! We managed to see several of the exhibits, including the hippos - and they were actually moving! In all our visits there, they have always ever sat. It was really fun to see them moving in the water. They kind of bounce along the bottom of the tank floor. They really are amazing creatures! Daniel loved seeing them go! After going through most of the aquarium, we headed outside to see the penguins and then ventured into the Children's Garden. It used to be included in the price of the aquarium, but when the aquarium was renovated they separated. We paid the extra admission and enjoyed the quiet of the gardens! It was so much nicer than the aquarium. They have a great butterfly room, with several different varieties of butterflies. Daniel loved it! He is totally enthralled with butterflies! It was a good day. Now I am tired and I think I will head off to bed early tonight. I have been so busy with school and dinners and what not, I haven't actually been able to deep clean anything! I guess that's a good thing - it means I am sleeping! Only tonight and tomorrow night and then it's off to visit the grandparents! Then Andy will be home! We all can't wait for that!

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