Friday, August 24, 2007

The End Is Near!!!

We are almost done with our week alone - Daddy comes home in two days! I, for one, am very excited. I really do not know how single moms do this day in and day out. It is EXHAUSTING doing everything on your own. Just keeping up with laundry, school, discipline, etc. There just aren't enough hours in the day! I will be glad for Andy's presence, so I can at least get something done!!

Today we went to visit one of my closest friends, Donna. We have been friends since our first year of college! 20 years this fall!!! She and I have enjoyed and endured many things throughout our friendship! She knows me so well.....and still loves me! She has six kids ages 10 to 1 year old. For a while there we were having what seemed like a race - she won!!! She had a boy and nine months later I had Matt, then nine months later she had her second son. I then dropped the ball by having Sarah15 months later. Nine months after Sarah she had her first daughter! I, again, dropped the ball and she had two - another girl and a boy. Then I had Daniel and 11 months later she had her last daughter! WHEW!!! Going to her house is always fun with nine kids and two moms!!! Our kids get along really well and enjoy each others company - I hope it lasts a long time!

I was supposed to go to see Andy's parents tonight, but the time this week has flown by and I am so not ready for our staff retreat next week. I need to finish the laundry, pack and leave sometime in the afternoon. It could be a very late night!!

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