Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Interesting Start!

So, being the nice mom that I am (HA!HA!) I thought I would take the kids out to breakfast (McDonald's!). I also needed carrots for dinner tonight. So we stopped off at ShopRite, got in and out and then headed off to McDonald's. Just seconds after starting to drive I heard this weird sound - I thought I had run over something. It was raining pretty hard and thought I missed something sitting in the parking lot. After stopping, I started off again and noticed I had lost my power steering (something very helpful, I found out!) and the battery light had gone on. I called Andy in VA and he determined that the belt had gone. We drove through McDonald's and headed off to the mechanics. I made it there and my constant rescuer, Laurie (she always comes when my car breaks down!), saved us from having to walk home in the pouring rain! The mechanic managed to fix it today and it turns out it was really the tension something or other - what do I know about cars?!?! I enjoy driving it and love it when it words well - curse it when it breaks down! The kids were great and didn't panic or anything - THANKFULLY! Daniel enjoyed the car ride home buckled in a "real" seat! God was so good in his timing as we are planning to go to the Adventure Aquarium in NJ with the Hinsons tomorrow - that would have been BAD! Five kids and two adults stuck on a bridge! I thank God for his goodness!

We had the Darrow's and Hinson's over for dinner tonight. It was so much fun! Three women with eight kids ranging from 12 years to 15 months! 2 girls and 6 boys!!! Needless to say it was LOUD!!! They all get along so well together! I love talking with Laurie and Carisa as we all deal with the same problems - mainly our kids behavior! They really are great kids - but like most parents, we are constantly trying to improve their characters. I love gleaning ideas from both ladies - they are so wise! I am so blessed to have such great friends her in Philly. It sure makes life a little easier here!

By the way, Carisa showed me how to post photos! If you look at the blog titled "Gone!" you'll see a picture of Matt's performance! I hope to get more up in the future!

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