Friday, August 10, 2007


I have to say that I love Friday! Especially rainy, cloudy Fridays, which today has been. I feel calmer, more relaxed and at ease with everything going on in life. My main reasons for loving Fridays are:

1. Ministry is done for the week and Andy is home for three nights in a row!
2. Homeschooling is done for the week!
3. I can finally focus on my house which has been in steady decline since last Sunday.

We now have two weeks of schooling completed. I always find these first few weeks the most difficult because other kids are not in school and major ministry opportunities are still going strong (groups doing VBS, camping trips, Kids' Club, etc.). So, why do we start so early? Because we usually take vacation in September and again in May while ministry is shut down. If we don't start now, we would never get our required days in until the end of June and life is too chaotic to do school in June! So I endure the kids complaining about how unfair I am being and we get into our routine and learn, learn, learn! I really like our schedule this year and am hoping it will continue to work. My only real challenge is Daniel, who at two, wants to do anything but sit down! But we are working with him and teaching him how to play independently for short periods of time.

Well, it's off to do some laundry and clean some bathrooms! YEAH!!!!

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