Monday, December 8, 2008

Did you see it?

This morning we got a phone call from Frank saying the Today Show was going to be doing a piece about bedbugs, if we wanted to watch it. (As if I need to see one more of those dreadful things!) So we turned on the TV and all sat on our sofa and watched it. It was funny, because as Meredith Veira said bedbugs Daniel chirps "We have bedbugs!!!" It was funny, but depressing at the same time. Who wants there three year old to even know about bedbugs! I certainly hadn't planned on him knowing what to look for or even know what they were! If you didn't see it you can click on the video below.

I really felt for this poor woman who has spent over $6000 dollars to get rid of these pests and still isn't sure they are completely gone. That is why she is hiring bedbug dogs to come inspect her home. I have heard of these dogs and even checked to see if Philly had any. They do!!! I am sorely tempted to hire them myself, except that it costs a pretty penny. But is we do not get rid of them soon, I am going to be shelling out the big bucks to have them come. They have a 98% accuracy rating compared to 30% of a human exterminator. I would really love COMHAR to hire them for the house next door since there is no one living there. It would be really helpful to truly riding the houses of this problem. I'll continue to pray and see where God leads!

While Andy was talking with Frank, he shared some great news! All the pathology reports have come back CANCER FREE! They are through with this journey. He will be monitored monthly for a while, but for now he can heal and get back to a normal life, enjoying his family and anticipating the birth of their new child come May. Praise God!

Now if we could only surgically remove bedbugs, life would be so much easier.

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