Sunday, December 7, 2008

They're Still Here

Yes, we are still finding the little beasts. But what concerns me is that we are finding tiny ones. I mean really tiny. That means they are young. I am beginning to wonder if we missed eggs or if little ones from next door are moving in. They need to eat to molt into the next stage. I am unsure how long young stages can live without eating. I know adult females can live up to 18 months without eating, but I think I read that young ones can only live a couple of months. The house next door has been vacant for more than a month, now. So maybe the little ones are on the hunt. I am just choosing to continue to pray and trust that God is doing what is best for us and will allow these beasts to leave when He is ready. I keep praying that that is soon.

Today, I went into the schoolroom. I haven't been in the schoolroom to work since this whole ordeal began a month ago. It has been a storage facility for all the stuff we weren't sure what to do with. Since I have not seen any bedbugs in the schoolroom we, and the exterminators, felt it was probably a safe room. The room is not attached to the other house and has three exposed walls, making it quite chilly. Bedbugs don't like chilly. If they were in the boxes, the exterminator said they would crawl out in search for food. I spent the day going through the boxes, which are mostly books. I sorted them into give-a-way and keep boxes. I am a book-aholic and really needed to go through them and get rid of a lot. I kept my favorites or those I haven't read yet, but a good many will be going to the used book sale this coming summer. I figure if I ever want to read them again, I will look for them either through friends or the library. I also made the decision, that when I finish with a book, I need to get rid of it. Unless it is an incredibly good one! But if I buy or am given another book, another one must leave the house. It's book control!

An update on the Hinsons: Frank comes home from the hospital tomorrow! He is still in pain, but the doctors have said he is healing nicely. Please continue to pray for Carisa as she has decided to stay with the boys in NC. They need the stability. She will be driving up with her father next weekend. Pray for that trip as it can get uncomfortable driving so long while being almost five months pregnant. Pray for both Frank and Carisa as they both long to be together. Pray that this week will bring continued healing and that by the time the boys and Carisa arrive home Frank will have healed well enough that the boys won't hurt him when they bump or sit with him.

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