Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Total is...

up to four already. I found another in our bedroom and the fourth I just found this morning in a plastic WalMart bag!!!! I am beginning to get discouraged. These things can hide ANYWHERE and I am so afraid I am going to miss one. If I miss one I'm afraid well be done. I have absolutely no confidence in this pesticide that they have been using. We have only seen a few dead ones - MANY more live ones. I feel like we will be dealing with these dreadful things for the rest of our lives. One disturbing thing I read in an article about bedbugs is that if you haven't delt with them yet, you will within the next five years. They are becoming that prevelent. Our exterminator says he is dealing with more bedbug infestations than ever before. He had another customer this week a few blocks away. They really aught to have support groups for bedbuggers. Of course, then you risk spreading/ catching the bugs. Oh, well. I am hoping someday I can look back on this experience and laugh....though I don't expect that to be anytime soon. I read a comment on-line yesterday that someone wished we could black market DDT as that was the only thing that was actually killing bedbugs back in the 40's. Bedbugs were almost irradicated back then. I had to laugh at that comment because I have thought the same thing!

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