Friday, December 5, 2008

Growing Up!

Daniel is growing up! For quite some time I have wanted to potty train him. I know he has the ability, it's just being consistent. A few weeks ago he developed a rash in the diaper area. I knew it was from wearing the diapers and that the only thing that was going to get rid of it was no diapers. So yesterday we started going diaperless. I have found it much easier to train if I just let them run around with any bottoms for a few days. It worked for both Matt and Sarah. Looks like it will work for Daniel as well. He stayed dry and went to the potty each time he had to go. What shocked me today, however, was that he went in all by himself and went poo!!!! I was amazed!!!! He was so proud of himself. As he should be! So we will continue this journey to the end and hopefully by the time we go on vacation in May he will have it down pat!

We are still finding bugs. We saw John, our exterminator, today as he dropped off bed encasement's that we ordered from Ehrlich. By ordering from them we were able to save over $200! I can't wait to get them on! It will help with the peace of mind thing. While John was here he was telling us he just came from a home that had to have four treatments to get rid of their bedbugs. They were finally cleared today. They were pretty infested. He said we caught our much earlier and that will be to our benefit. It is next door we need to be concerned about. He did assure us that he would be going over and inspecting the neighbors house to give it the all clear. I have to trust that he will do a thorough job. I am praying extremely hard that these little devils will die, never to return! I know I am driving Andy crazy trying to figure out how to seal our house from next door, but I guess it's impossible to completely seal row homes. I hate the feeling that I will never truly feel comfortable in this house again. I feel like I will always be looking for something. I dread when the new neighbors move in. I can only hope it is quite a while before that happens.

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