Sunday, July 11, 2010


There are days I am extremely thankful that my husband has the gift of putting things together. After all we went through with the bed bugs and demolition on our house it would have cost us thousands of dollars to do what he did if we would have had to contract out the work. On the other hand - my husband is always coming up with new ideas of what he would like to do to our house. This project was brought up several years ago and tabled because of more pressing needs. But when a friend of ours built his project - it spurred Andy into pursuing his project. What is that project you might ask?

A deck.

Off the schoolroom.
I am not sure how I feel about this project as of yet. (Andy knows all of this as we have discussed it at length!) I am REALLY tired of projects. Especially those that don't get done all the way. I am worried that this project may take longer than projected - especially because he has to take one of the windows OUT of the school room and make it into a door. That means my schoolroom may be a mess for several weeks - to a few months. I hate a mess when I am trying to teach school. It clutters my mind and I am unable to focus on the important things. I also worry about the easy access people may have to the back of the house. It is off Sarah's room and I really don't like that. But Andy is all for this project and seems to believe it will expand our living space. I really can't imagine using it all that much - but then I have never had a deck before either. So, I will continue to pray for the safety of our house and children and pray that this was a wise use of both time and money. And pray that the next project will be to complete the alarm system that was put in about six years ago!

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