Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Box Day!!!

For homeschooling this year I have decided to return to Sonligh Curriculum. It was getting difficult to do things without a plan already done for me and with adding another child to the group of people I need to attend to I needed to have the help that Sonlight gives - a well thought out plan for history and reading and all the thinking done for me!!! Honestly, I kind of regret leaving Sonlight for the past few years - but we have learned a lot and are all excited to be back!!

Lucy really enjoyed box day!!! She just plopped right down in the middle of all the wrapping!!
Sonlight calls the day you get your order "Box Day"! They send an e-mail and make a big deal of when to expect your package and get you all excited about the things that you will be receiving!!! I was already excited - but when the actual box arrived today - YIPPEE!!! I have to say I feel such a relief in knowing what we are going to be doing and being able to plan. I am going to start cleaning the schoolroom tomorrow and then organize all the materials on Thursday. We have a school start date of July 26th! It will be here before I know it and I am praying that I will be ready mentally, physically and spiritually!!!! More than that I am praying that Matt and Sarah (and Daniel, too!) will be ready to start a fresh new school year and have good attitudes throughout the year! Thanks for praying for us as we begin another school year!

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